Grammarly Premium Free Trial Access 2022: How To Get It?

You must create a new premium account in order to receive a Grammarly premium free trial. You can then use the referral system to extend the free trial's initial one-week duration. Optimizing the one-week money-back guarantee is the goal. Joining Grammarly's affiliate program is another option. Additionally, you can contact the vendor directly through their website, Facebook page, or Twitter account to ask for a free trial.

An organized mind and a serious professional are characterized by perfect grammar and a clear expositional style. When your writing is sloppy, makes no sense, or worse, puts you on the spot and gets you into big trouble, it's time to think about getting assistance from one of the best grammar checker software options out there. In addition to giving you a language lift, you will discover that their prices are usually fair. At this point in the pandemic, when businesses and consumers alike are inclined to distribute and consume digital content, you should give them a try if they would also help advance your career or brand.

We'll look at how to get a free trial of Grammarly premium in this article. One of the top grammar checkers is Grammarly, which consistently ranks high on lists of the top tools for improving writing. It does not provide simple access to its premium free trial, though. Although the vendor offers a free lifetime plan, you could benefit significantly more from the premium plan. By assisting you in obtaining a premium free trial period, you could properly assess the application to support your purchase choice.

Describe Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium vs. Grammarly Free

Grammarly Cost

Free Trial of Grammarly Premium

Guide for Grammarly Premium Free Trial

While poor financial management and a lack of an online presence are typically blamed for business failures, very few people, if any, would consider linguistic infractions to be a factor. Even though it may sound surprising, careless misuse of basic grammar rules can significantly lower a company's profitability. Small businesses are particularly prone to making this error. Around 20% of small businesses fail within the first year for this and other reasons.

Website Planet conducted a series of A/B tests on landing pages, which many software vendors include in their conversion rate optimization solutions, and came to some conclusions that may be the first comprehensive examination of the cost of grammatical errors. These conclusions may have broad ramifications for many organizations. The results are as compelling as they are because the sample size of 5,000 is also quite large.

One of the more startling findings is that, over a two-week period, landing pages with poor grammar and spelling have an 85% higher bounce rate than those that present information that is properly spelled and written. More chances of losing customers are present when the bounce rate exceeds 85%. The obvious conclusion is that potential guests are quickly turned off and sulk off.

The fact that the same principles apply to Google Ads is more concerning for Google advertisers. The findings are consistent: Grammar or spelling errors reduce the likelihood that 70% of visitors will click on a Google ad. These ads are placed lower when they receive fewer clicks.

Describe Grammarly.

Grammarly is an online tool for improving writing that fixes grammar mistakes and highlights questionable sentence structures. The three options for the award-winning tool are Free for personal use, Premium with more advanced features, and Business for writing teams with separate team management tools.

Users can anticipate such essential features for all plans as a cutting-edge AI system for editing and improving writing, desktop and mobile access, and an MS Office add-in. Grammarly offers security protocols like 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption, as well as GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance, to allay concerns about data exploitation. You have the choice of installing a specific Windows application from the vendor or just using the Firefox or Chrome extension.


Register with Grammarly. It is unpaid!

Grammarly highlights spelling and other grammar mistakes so you can fix them and stay out of awkward or even dangerous situations. Grammarly can help you if you frequently use words that sound similar but are actually meant to be used in a different context. You get a language correction tool with a lot of experience because it was developed by some of the most renowned language experts in the world and supported by an effective AI engine.

Grammarly Free plan features in comparison to Grammarly Premium plan features.

There are many reasons the Grammarly premium plan is appropriate for you if you work in the field of professional writing, especially. Given a short deadline and the requirement to submit several drafts, there is a good chance that you will make more writing mistakes than you would normally. Some of these mistakes, such as "there" vs. "they're" vs. "their," "its" vs. "it's," "your" vs. "you're," "affect" vs. "effect," and "to" vs. "too," you've probably made at least once.

In addition, there are a few dangling modifiers here and there, sentences that are excessively long or winded, incomplete comparisons, sentences that are broken up, subject-verb agreement, a lot of cliches and jargon, wordiness, and many more.

The possibility of plagiarism should concern you as a writer if your work will be published or posted online. If the violation happened while you were at work, it could cost you both financially and professionally and land you in hot water with your employer.

More specifically, only your spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes are covered by the Free Plan. Contrarily, the premium plan offers support for all of these issues and more.


Verify wordiness of writing online

erratic writing style

Identify context-specific spelling and grammar errors

ambiguous sentence structure

Useless phrases

Create a personal dictionary by adding words.

reader improvement

Hedging words


email yourself performance statistics

Use of offensive or exclusive language

Unsuitable formality or tonality

Grammarly Cost

The cost of Grammarly Premium, billed annually, is $11.66 per month. If you want to use Grammarly for your company, the monthly cost is $15 per user, billed yearly. Once you decide that the features are worthwhile, the premium annual plan is obviously a significant cost saver. Naturally, the question of how to determine whether the features are precisely a match for your needs arises. The solution is to use the application's free trial to test it out.

The most recent Grammarly price list

Free Trial of Grammarly Premium

The majority of cloud-based SaaS platforms provide it, but does Grammarly offer a premium free trial? Yes, Grammarly offers a premium free trial, but you won't find it by clicking a simple "free trial" button on the company's website. Instead, obtaining a free trial period requires some workarounds.

There aren't any secret codes or magical chants, really. Most likely, you came across links to Grammarly premium free trials. There are a lot of them flying around, but finding one that actually works is rare. The link has a threshold, and you'll probably be the last person to join the party for that reason. What should I do given the situation? Do not worry; we will now provide you with our Grammarly premium free trial guide and that mentioned 5 week free trial.

Your free account must be at least a week old and meet the first requirement. Following fulfillment of that condition, you refer friends using a link that has been given to you. Your reward for doing Grammarly the favor is a maximum of six weeks of premium use before you have to subscribe to continue using it. This includes your initial first week plus an additional five weeks out of your generosity.

Each step you must take to complete all of these is outlined below.

Guide for Grammarly's Free Trial

Set up a fresh Grammarly account. If you have an old account, you cannot use it. Sign out or shut down your browser if you are logged into a free account. Just restart it and delete the cache and cookies. if you are a Chrome user.

If you don't already have a Grammarly account, get your email address and other sign-up information ready. In case your Grammarly account is already free, get a different email address ready.

Visit the Grammarly registration/signup page. Enter the necessary credential information.

When you're finished, you should see the welcome page asking you whether you want to sign up for the premium plan or just stick with the free basic plan.

The "Get Grammarly Premium" button should be clicked.

On the monthly plan, click.

Enter your preferred method of payment: PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa. Why are we paying here right now? We're only paying out of politeness. You can safely refund your money in full at any time during the one-week free trial, by which point you have probably given the program a fair chance to earn your business. This is protected by Grammarly's one-week money-back guarantee.

Use your preferred payment method to complete payment transactions.

And now you're in. You now have a 7-day free trial period, which you should use to carefully consider your purchase.

past the seventh day

A few hours or so before the end of the seventh day, set your alarm. In the event that you decide the Grammarly premium plan is insufficient for your needs, you will have plenty of time to request a refund. Without a doubt, Grammarly will refund your money. Your account will be downgraded to the free plan without the advanced premium features, but it will not be lost. Your access to the Grammarly Premium Free Trial has just ended, but your path to a longer Free Trial has just begun. Why is that so? Because the invite link via the Grammarly referral program is now accessible through your one-week-old free account.

Go to your browser's add-on and locate the Grammarly extension to continue. There ought to be a link that says "Invite Friends." To distribute it, simply click on it. The extra weeks of free trial are now available; anyone you invited who accepted the invitation will receive a one-week free trial, just like you.

Update: It appears that the vendor no longer supports Grammarly's free trials for its premium version for new users, for its premium version when using the referral program, and for its trial when using the referral program. Right now, the only legitimate ways to obtain a free trial period are through Grammarly's affiliate program or by making a direct request to the company.

If you already have a website or blog, the affiliate method works best. If not, you can still get in touch with the vendor and let them know how you plan to move forward with the program.

The direct request approach works best for authors, bloggers, and content producers. Go to the website's request page to do that.

In addition to the Grammarly official website, you can also send your request through the vendor's Facebook page or Twitter account.

Are you interested in the free trial of Grammarly premium?

Although recent changes at Grammarly have made obtaining a premium free trial access seem like quite a difficult task, there is hope that this is only a temporary situation as the company works on a better solution to allow users to properly evaluate their software.

If you're impatient and aware of the financial damage that poor grammar and spelling are doing to your company, you should definitely think about buying a subscription—even if it's just for one month to properly test the software. The plans are more than affordable for businesses to handle, even for those who are reducing their budget and spending as a result of the pandemic, as the pricing discussion demonstrates. Also keep in mind that it takes a lot of money for developers like Grammarly to create a fantastic solution like the one they have here.

Grammarly substitutes

Of course, there is a different option available as well: looking at the other grammar checker programs available. After all, Grammarly does not control the market exclusively.

On the other hand, you might already be a skilled writer and have little need for a writing tool. The Grammarly free edition should work perfectly for you in that situation. And once more, you can quickly sign up for Grammarly's free plan if you still don't have a free account. Simple punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors that you want to fix as soon as possible should be more than covered by it.

Of course, language programs are among a growing number of productivity tools for small business that can assist organizations in achieving their goals in the short and long terms. They are helpful for both professionals and students who want to improve their writing.

Version for Windows

Installing Grammarly's native Windows version may be a good idea if you write more on office programs. You can complete all of your writing assignments in this way, regardless of where you are completing your composition tasks.

At this point, you might be considering purchasing a reliable grammar checker. If so, this article debating the value of Grammarly's premium features may provide some conclusive answers.

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