Grammarly Review 2023: Comprehensive Guide & Comparison

A thorough evaluation of Grammarly that includes its features, cost, and comparison to other grammar checkers. includes a review of Grammarly Premium as well:

The practice of proofreading has long been used in the field of writing. Humans are fallible, so it stands to reason that their work will inevitably contain errors. When it comes to writing, this is especially true. Even seasoned writers with excellent grammar skills occasionally make unintentional grammatical or punctuation errors in their writing.

Before a writer's work was seen by their readers, human editors have served as firewalls to polish it. But the world of today is different. The constant desire of humanity for convenience and perfection has always been met by technological advancements and innovations.

Grammarly Review

Grammar checking software is one such innovation that has completely changed the writing process. There is no chance that you haven't used or at least heard of grammar checking tools like Grammarly if you work as a writer.

When grammar checking tools are mentioned, Grammarly in particular seems to be the name that comes to mind the most frequently. But is the hype justified?

We will delve deeply into the hype surrounding Grammarly Premium Cookies in this article. We'll examine its attributes, what it can do for writers, potential problems with the tool, whether you can afford it, and how it stacks up against competing grammar checkers on the market.

What Is Grammarly?

As we previously stated, there is almost no chance that you haven't heard of this tool if you've been writing for a while. Grammarly is one of the most well-liked and praised proofreading tools on the market right now, with over 10 million users worldwide.

What Is Grammarly Used For?

This tool's fundamental operation is easy to explain and comprehend. It checks a piece of writing for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, readability, and other areas.

It is offered in both a free and a paid version. With the free version, authors can take advantage of grammar and spelling checking without spending a dime. On the other hand, the premium version provides writers with more sophisticated features like enhancing writing style, running plagiarism checks, and providing professional writing recommendations. (We will cover this subject in more detail later in this article.)

Users should be aware that while Grammarly can help you write better, it won't magically transform you into Shakespeare. Writing is a skill that only humans can truly master. A tool can only make a passably written piece of writing excellent.

Whom Does Grammarly Help?

It is essential to have content that is decent and flawlessly written in the modern era, when content has essentially taken the place of marketing as the foundation for all types of businesses. Having a professional writer or editor on staff the entire business year is currently not at all convenient. Thank goodness for resources like Grammarly that can assist.

The core of the message you're trying to get across to your readers can be written in compelling content that communicates clearly with the help of Grammarly Premium Cookies. It makes your writing better in a way that eliminates any possibility of misunderstanding brought on by a phrase that was written inexactly.

Grammarly can help the following list of people:

  • Students
  • Content Writers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Business Writers

Due to inadequate proofreading and editing, many good writers have lost their reputation in the field. Not all writers have the financial means to hire an editor on the fly to edit their work. However, a grammar checker can. For writers who need their work to be checked for grammar and spelling errors, this is what makes Grammarly such an intriguing companion.

Grammarly Features

It comes with an array of features that are designed to improve the overall quality of any written work. The features are as follows:

#1) Grammar and Punctuation: It finds common errors and inaccuracies in your content, such as comma splices, alliteration, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and other basic errors. Not only that, but it also informs the audience as to why a mistake was made in the first place. As a result, it also acts as a mentor, teaching crucial grammar lessons.

#2) Spell Check: It quickly finds any spelling mistakes. We can vouch for its veracity. With just one click, you can fix spelling mistakes it finds.

#3) Plagiarism: Whether intentional or not, it checks your document for any potential instances of content duplication. It gives you crucial information about whether or not any of your work was plagiarized, enabling you to be on the safe side. Then, changes are suggested.

#4) Writing Style: It serves as your human mentor by offering pointers, counsel, and recommendations for enhancing your writing's style. It offers suggestions for improving your writing, such as readability, sentence length, clarity, etc.

How To Use Grammarly With Other Tools And Software?

How precisely do you use Grammarly effectively at this point? It is an extensive online resource. To make the most of the internet, you must, of course, be connected to it.

The following are the various ways you can use Grammarly Premium Cookies to proofread your writing:

#1) Web Tool

The first technique is a typical copy-paste technique. Simply paste your content into the Grammarly web tool after opening it. To start, click the dashboard's "new page" button. You will be given a blank page with a list of reports on your right-hand side.

Simply paste your writing onto the empty page, and Grammarly will do the rest. Your entire content is scanned, analyzed, and finally corrected in a matter of seconds.

To avoid the hassle of copying and pasting, you can also upload the entire finished document directly from your system. Additionally, you can save time by simply typing your work into the website tool itself, allowing you to make corrections as you go.

#2) Desktop App

On either a Windows or Mac operating system, a desktop app performs flawlessly. Simply download the app to your device to begin using the system just like you would have done so online.

#3) Microsoft Word

You can integrate a Grammarly word add-in into your Microsoft Word tool if you use Windows. By adhering to the add-in page's straightforward instructions, you can install the add-in quickly and easily. You can use the add-in to check the content of your writing as you write. Mac users aren't as fortunate when it comes to add-ins.

Please be aware that using the tool in MS Word still requires you to be online and connected to the internet.

#4) Chrome Extension

Perhaps, the most convenient way of using Grammarly is via a browser extension. The link for the extension can easily be found on Grammarly’s home page. Add the extension to your Chrome browser and let the tool automatically perform checks on your content writing online. The extension especially comes in handy while writing emails in Gmail, thus correcting your writing on the go.

#5) Phone

A user-friendly keyboard for Apple and Android mobile devices is also included with Grammarly. Both the Play Store and the App Store both have the app available. As you compose emails or texts on your phone after installing the app, it can run checks. Additionally, it expedites typing by making astute word predictions.

Grammarly Pricing

There are two ways for writers to use Grammarly's features: a free version and a premium version, each of which has its own special selling point. So let's dig deeper to learn more about both versions and determine whether the free version can improve your writing skills just as well as the paid version.

#1) Grammarly Free

One of the best features of this tool is that you can use it for free and forever as soon as you download the app or install the browser extension. When using Grammarly's free version, there is no trial period that will end.

The free version of the majority of tools is simply a subpar imitation of the tool's paid counterpart. With this tool, thankfully, that is not the case.

It gives you the foundation you need to create flawless content that is free of grammatical errors. It can thoroughly examine your content and provide reports on any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Most users are content with the free version because it includes the features they typically need in a grammar checker.

It highlights all of your errors in red. You can click on these problems to find solutions or just ignore them completely. On the right side of your screen, if you are using the web tool, it displays all of the reports generated regarding grammatical, punctuational, and spelling errors.

The majority of common writing errors you might have made will be pointed out to you, along with suggestions for how to correct them. In accordance with the location of your readership, it also enables writers to select the English dialect they would like to use. Depending on your preference, you can choose between US English, UK English, or Australian English.

#2) Grammarly Premium – Is it worth it?

Grammarly Premium Cookies offers a premium version for those who demand more from their grammar checkers, which they can access by paying a set monthly or yearly fee.

Grammarly Premium current costs are listed below:

  • Billed at $11.66 a month, ($139.95 to be precise when charged annually.)
  • $19.98 a month if opted for quarterly payment.
  • $29.95 a month if opted for the monthly payment.

You receive everything from the free version that you would have gotten anyway when paying the price listed above, plus more with the premium version.

You can run a long list of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and context checks using Grammarly Premium.

Below is the list of all the additional features you can unlock with the premium version of Grammarly:

  • Obscure Structure
  • Inconsistencies in Writing
  • Word Overuse
  • Too Wordy
  • Inappropriate Tone
  • Insensitive Language

Writers can receive personalized feedback on their writing from Grammarly Premium. It provides almost individualized advice on how to raise the caliber of your writing. Compared to other tools we have used on the market, the feedback it offers seems to be significantly more useful.

Based on your writing objectives, you will need to make a few adjustments to get the most out of these features.

Let’s look into some of the settings that can help you accomplish this feat:

  • Intent: By selecting "Inform," "describe," "tell a story," or "convince" as your purpose, you can change how your narrative structure appears as you write.
  • Audience: In order to produce content that your audience will consume, you must first understand them. Jargon and technical terms are acceptable if your target audience is an expert audience. However, the language will be incomprehensible to the general public.
  • Style: Knowing when and how to use specific words and phrases is essential for producing well-written assignments, projects, and blogs. You can distinguish between formal and informal written work using the tools.
  • Emotion: You can significantly increase the interest of your writing by making minor changes to the content. You can alter how your content is consumed and understood by your readers by selecting between two extreme parameters, Mild and Strong.

No writing program created by humans can make you a better writer, so using Grammarly alone won't do it. However, what Grammarly Premium does with your writing is fantastic in producing an assignment or piece of content that is well-written, interesting, and flawless.

Personally, we've discovered that Grammarly Premium really shines when it comes to crafting engaging content. The writing is better and immune to both serious and silly mistakes in grammar or spelling. Additionally, it offers comprehensive information on the errors it flags via a pop-up box, a feature that is missing from the free version.

Grammarly Premium's clever AI makes it superior to having a personal writing coach nearby.

Grammarly Premium Vs Free Plan

The below table enlists the difference between the two plans:




Grammar and Spell Checks



Punctuation, sentence structure, context



Vocabulary enhancement



Genre Specific



Plagiarism Detector



Grammarly's free version is unquestionably far superior to other available free tools. Bloggers and students can benefit from its convenient basic spelling and grammar checking features. Therefore, Grammarly's free version is for you if you're on a tight budget.

However, if you do have some extra cash, investing some of it in Grammarly Premium might turn out to be the best choice you've ever made. You get to open up a ton of helpful writing tools that will help you write better. You receive personalized comments and recommendations, advice on how to improve your writing, as well as some much-needed lessons on why a specific error is an error in the first place.

Grammarly Vs Other Grammar Checking Tools

Although it is the most widely used tool for grammar Premium Cookies checking, there are other options available. It does have some strong rivals who are also vying for writers' attention. Today's other widely used grammar checkers include ProWritingAid, Ginger, and WhiteSmoke.

Let's evaluate Grammarly in relation to the aforementioned tools to see where it excels and where it falls short.

#1) WhiteSmoke

The ability of WhiteSmoke to integrate with virtually all platforms is its most appealing feature. It works on Windows and MacOS and has extensions for almost all popular browsers.

Another intriguing feature we discovered in WhiteSmoke is the ready-made templates it provides to its users for Sorry or Thank You notes to aid them in completing their assignments.

Its annual subscription fee is also considerably less expensive than Grammarly's, coming in at around $79.99 as opposed to Grammarly's annual fee of $139.95.

However, WhiteSmoke lacks the same cutting-edge user interface that makes applications like Grammarly so easy to use. Additionally, using it is incredibly chaotic and slow.

#2) Ginger

Ginger sets itself apart from Grammarly by providing more features, the most well-known of which is undoubtedly its capacity to translate your written work into over 60 different languages. For those who need to write in multiple languages besides English, this feature is very helpful.

Users of Ginger can also make their own unique dictionaries. By highlighting words they don't want to be flagged as errors, it gives users the freedom to set their own rules. This is particularly helpful when writing fiction because you have to use strange and eerie words.

Its annual subscription is also considerably less expensive than Grammarly's, coming in at about $89.88 annually versus Grammarly's annual fee of $139.95.

Ginger's user interface is inferior to Grammarly's in that it is not as well-thought-out or user-friendly. Additionally, it doesn't integrate with MS Word and doesn't have a Mac app, which is a huge letdown in our opinion.

#3) ProWritingAid

In our humble opinion, ProWritingAid is the best Grammarly substitute available. It boasts of having the ability to produce 25, which is significantly more reports than Grammarly, about grammar check and writing.

For writing lengthy pieces of content like novels, essays, and fiction, it may be the best. In fact, it comes highly recommended by a number of today's most well-known novelists and fiction writers. It enables you to evaluate your written stories in comparison to the writing produced by other authors who write in a genre related to your own.

The one aspect of ProWritingAid that really captures your attention is its style advice, which can make even the most awkward-sounding phrase into engaging prose. The style recommendations are a fantastic way to simplify any kind of complex writing.

It is also significantly less expensive than Grammarly, with a premium version costing about $80-$90 per year. A lifetime package is also available for a one-time fee between $299 and $399.

Grammarly, on the other hand, outperforms it in terms of user-friendliness and usability. It bombards its users with a ton of information. This can be very startling to overlook for those who are not experts at using such tools. Additionally, it has a Chrome-only browser extension, which is a glaring flaw.

#4) Quillbot

Rohan Gupta created Quillbot, a tool for paraphrasing, in 2017. Grammar errors are detected and corrected using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It includes a strong grammar checker as well as other essay and academic editing tools. In comparison to Microsoft Word's or Google Docs' default grammar checker, it was more accurate in our tests. This grammar checker is available as a Chrome or Microsoft Word plugin, as well as a web application. There are no additional plugins or applications.

If you want to quickly and easily rewrite or paraphrase existing copy, this is a good option. Due to the additional tools that come with the subscription, such as a citation manager and academic plagiarism checker, it's a good option for academics and essayists. However, because it lacks a writing assistant, the grammar checker falls short of Grammarly.

Quillbot allows you to test it out without charge, but there is a strict word limit and not all of its features are available. The monthly fee for the premium version is $20.

Grammarly Pros And Cons

Now based on our research, we have summarized our overall findings of the tool as follows:


  • Real-Time Editing: Real-time editing makes it possible to check and edit your writing immediately after you finish it. Errors are reported as they happen so you can fix them right away.
  • Accuracy: The reports produced by Grammarly are extremely accurate, whether they are intended to correct grammar errors or suggest a change in style.
  • Easy to Understand: It uses pop-up bars to thoroughly explain the recommendations it makes to the writers.
  • Customization: Grammarly gives you the freedom to select your language, add words to its dictionary, and, if you'd like, turn it off on particular websites.
  • Easy to Use: The user interface that comes with Grammarly is excellent, attractive, and simple to use. It is open to all.


  • Isn’t compatible with everything: Grammarly doesn't currently function on Google Docs. That, however, might soon change.
  • Limited Free Version: Even though the free version is pretty good, some crucial features are missing.
  • Annoying Ads: Be prepared to receive numerous emails, notifications, and ads urging you to upgrade your plan if you are using the free version.


If you haven't already, Grammarly's over 10 million users should be enough to convince you to give it a shot. If the usefulness of this tool hasn't yet persuaded you, allow us to explain why we think you should use it.

Users of Grammarly are not required to be proficient in technical terms. Anyone can use it easily thanks to its user-friendly design. Its incredibly inventive and flawless user interface is unmatched by any other writing tool.

The tool can be used in numerous ways. It is available as a desktop app, a Word add-in for Microsoft Word, a browser extension, and a mobile app.

Additionally, the tool's checks you run are extremely accurate. Compared to other tools on the market, it is significantly more sophisticated and intelligent at highlighting grammar errors. Its recommendations and explanations are very simple to put into practice and comprehend.

In light of all of this, we concur with many others in urging you to use the tool. Grammarly is currently the best grammar checker ever created.

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