Bubble Busters

The latest profession to be displaced by technology: Liberal pundit. 

Bubble Busters

Bubble Busters™ the App is a one-of-a-kind toolbox for progressives that provides fingertip access to numerous stats, graphs, talking points, quotes, analogies, and more to use with far-right conservatives when discussing topics ranging from health care reform to gun control to income inequality. It's everything a progressive would want all in one convenient place. Whether you are a policy expert looking for new ideas or a novice looking to understand the issues better - this is app a must have!

Created by progressives for progressives, Bubble Busters™ the App includes:

● An in-depth look at these political issues*:

- Climate Change
- Death Penalty
- Gun Control
- Health Care Reform
- Income Inequality
- Legalizing Marijuana
- Marriage Equality
- Military Spending

* More issues will be added to this app over time.

● Each political issue contains these sections:

“Common Progressive View”: Potential discussion points to use with conservatives about the issue that aim to better resonate with them + links to learn more about the issue from other progressives.

“Common Conservative View”: Potential discussion points about the issue you may hear coming from conservatives + links to learn more about the issue from conservatives themselves.

“Facts and Stats”: A series of facts, stats and graphs (cited w/ links) about the issue with suggestions for how to best use them with conservatives.

“What's in it for them?”: A list of ways in which a conservative may personally benefit should the issue go the progressives' way long-term.

“Quotes from Conservatives”: Quotes from conservatives that support the progressive view on the issue (e.g. quotes from Ronald Reagan in support of gun control).

“Relatable Analogies”: Analogies/stories that explain the progressive view and aim to resonate with conservatives, using topics like sports and raising children.

“Potential Concessions”: Points about the issue that a conservative may use that may be true but don't necessarily change many progressives’ view - and why.


The jokes just write themselves. (Maybe let's have a little contest in the comments!)

"Bubble busters: Paul Krugman edition..."  If I were running, say the Colbert show, having a debate with "bubble buster" would be hilarious. Sort of like those artificial intelligence programs that mimick a psychiatrist: ".. so tell me how that made you feel?'' 

Too bad "common libertarian view" isn't on there. But libertarians being generally better diffused among good programmers, I hope that one will be out soon. On the other hand, it's a job I would hate to see taken over by machines!

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